Top Tube Map of Traffic-Free Cycle Routes in Birmingham

About the Top Tube Map

The Top Tube Map is a new way of showing Birmingham’s excellent traffic-free cycle network. For the first time, you can see all of the major routes and how they’re connected clearly on a single page. Enjoy exploring and using them.

The map is based on information from Birmingham City Council, Sustrans and British Waterways, particularly the Council's Walking and Cycling Map. It began life in March 2011 as a result of a post on the BirminghamCyclist website.

The map was created using Adobe Illustrator CS3 on a Windows 7 laptop. All the type is set in the wonderful Mr Eaves XL Sans font from Emigre.


Special thanks to LS, who first suggested the idea on, and to Sarah-Jane who proofread the map and the leaflet text.

Thanks also to all the members of who provided encouragement and comment.

Standing on the shoulders of giants:

The map is dedicated to my family.

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